Monday, January 30, 2006

The Root has been Canaled

Well, the root has been canaled. It was as terrible as I thought it would be (painwise) - but of course right now I am still numb. We shall see how it is in a few hours. I remember the wisdom teeth - I was in pain, but that night - thought I was going to die! I had gotten dry sockets in both of the teeth.

It was a very traumatic experience. They drill out your tooth and then stick a ton of little files up there to file it down. In addition, they clean it with Chloron - which is really food grade BLEACH! That got in my mouth and was NASTY. The sounds and smells were the worst part. I have a temp filling, so nothing hard or crunchy until I get the overlay done at my dentist. I can't even get fitted for another week, and it usually takes a few weeks for the piece to come in. I had to have a crown about 6 years back, since I broke a tooth. I had to walk around with a Chiclet looking thing in the back of my mouth for a few weeks. The overlay should be on the back and bite surface - so from the front - you will see my natural tooth. I am very vain - I hope that is the last root canal I will have to endure. The endo

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