Friday, July 28, 2006

Not a SAHM

As we start to enter the days where "A" is more aware - I begin to feel even more guilty that I work 40 hrs a week and with the Still's acting up right now - don't seem to have a lot of energy to really "play" with him, cook dinner and pay attention to Bailey, Jasper and Daddy. I read this post - and am feeling a little better- even though its aimed at older children.

I totally agree - I don't remember my mom doing a lot with me. I am an only child and I learned to entertain myself. My dolls all had voices and personalities, I would read, and just do my own thing. I could spend the night away w/o being so attached to my parents. I hope to raise an intelligent, aware child - that loves and needs his mommy and daddy - just not be obsessed with us!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Baby update and TIME....

A was 11lbs 4 ounces, 25 inches long at his 4 month well baby. Shots did not go very well - poor baby. They made me HOLD HIM! OMG - that did not go well for mommy!

As A hits 4 months - I look around at the wreck that is our home. I have trouble keeping up with brushing my teeth -let alone clean. Well, first - I hate to clean. My mom has OCD and used to vacuum like 3 times a day. I vowed never to be that person. On the other hand - while not "dirty" (read- unhealthy and bacteria ridden) our home is cluttered.

We are pack-rats and probably will continue to be. We have decent stuff, just too much of it for the little townhome. We decluttered a lot before A was born - but being early- we never finished and then he came. I am trying to find ways to spend time with him (#1 in my book) and get the house in some kind of order. We spent like 4 hrs Sunday working - OK I spent 3 since I napped with A for an hr. Daddy was folding laundry with A in the Bjorn- TOO CUTE!!!!

I need to get my mail sorting back in order and go through my closets again. We also need to clean our storage unit so the space is better used. I WONT EVEN MENTION THE GARAGE - its was clean but every time my parents visit they somehow manage to "straighten" up and we can't even move in there now. Maybe we can get Uncle B and Taid over one Sunday to help in the garage. House is looking better - since M is in a better mood - I suspect the house will get into shape very very soon!

Monday, July 24, 2006

A Milestone week!

It seems A is having a Milestone week. On 7/20/06, he started to REALLY vocalize. He had been "talking" a lot, but it seems he really found his voice.

On 7/21/06 - he started to really lift his head for tummy time AND realized he could make himself roll over. He had been rolling over for about a month - but now I think he has learned what he needs to do to repeat the action - not just doing it by accident!

My baby is growing up so fast - time to start working on #2! (If my dreams and family dreams are accurate - it might be #2, #3 and #4! I had dreams of triplets, Aunt P had dreams of twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Well - I finally got batteries in the PackNPlay mobile. A wanted it moved closer, so I told Daddy to move it to the side - that worked for about 2 minutes. NOTE TO SELF- PLASTIC ON PLASTIC IS SLIPPERY!

The mobile ended up falling into the crib with A - OMG - he was hysterical. Daddy and I are to blame for A's later therapy when he talks of "falling teddies."


I am having withdrawal on my Diet Coke with Splenda. The deli in my office has stopped ordering the delicious brown soda- so I am stuck with a Diet A&W today. I have to bring in my own cans from home from now on I guess – I cannot make it through the day on no caffeine – this job is BORING! While the new job is not stressful- it makes for LONG, BORING days.
It’s funny how not having your favorite soda can ruin the day. I guess I will just have to step out for a Starbucks.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Big Boy

Well - Last night A slept in his crib for the 1st time! Our bedroom was so warm, we thought he would be happier on his cooler bedroom. He did well - cried a little - but we tucked him in and gave him his Wubby. He woke up about 2 hrs later because he was hungry - so Daddy gave him a small bottle and he slept from 11 to about 5:30 this morning! He seemed well rested. We had not set up the monitor yet in his room, so Daddy slept in his office (in a chair) which is right next to his room.

It was a hard thing to do but I want him to be used to sleeping a room w/o us. I am not sure if we will do this every night or just a few nights a week. He is still on the smaller side - 16 wks and 11lbs, so we may keep him in our room another month.

Mommy is sad to see her little man already growing so's a hard thing to watch.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Baby P's 1st swim

A took his 1st swim at Nain's pool on Friday - I attached a pic of him in his super -cute little "speedo" because I am in all the other pics and I don't need those floating on the 'net! LOL. He was a little iffy at first, but really enjoyed himself. Daddy missed it because he was working - so he was pretty bummed.

Friday, July 14, 2006


I am not sure what's up - but I feel like the worst mother ever. I feel like A does not love or need me...I mean how much "love" can a 3.5 month old show - yet, every day I feel like I am not needed. Hubby tries to get to give myself a break, but I just can't do that...I wonder if all working mothers have this struggle or if I am just odd.

Addictions....the 'Bucks

I am now ready to admit my addiction to Starbuck's coffee. It's not the caffeine - really its's the earthy bold taste of a nice hot cup o joe or the jolt of a 5 shot Decaf Americano - hot or iced! YUM YUM. My addiction is costly though, I usually stick to iced or hot "regular" coffees - it can cost $2-4 a day. I "Proudly Brew Starbucks coffee" at home. I like Caribou Coffee too! They have a really yummy mocha - very carby - so its a "treat" I go to take a quick work break for my 3rd - yes 3RD cup of the day.

Yes - its decaf. I only have 1 caffeine beverage a day otherwise the baby would be bouncing off the ceiling!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Back from BEYOND THE GRAVE....

I spent the last 4 days recovering from a TERRIBLE bout of food poisoning. I am sure it was the innocent little Oscar Meyer weenie I had on Wednesday night as a low carb snack before dinner.

I woke up at 3 a.m. on Thursday - with terrible stomach pains and an upset tummy. The nausea started 2 hrs later. I ran a temp pretty close to 104 the entire day. Mr Man took care of me Thursday and the fever finally broke on Friday about 4:30 a.m. - well went down to about 101. I missed 2 days of work - CAN'T SAY I MISSED IT - LOL - and took it easy over the weekend.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Keeping the American Spirit of Consumerism alive

That's is what we did this 4th - shopped, shoped and shopped. Sales were to be had every place we went. I got hubby $300 suit jackets at JC Penny's for $11.83 - YES THAT'S RIGHT!!!!! Picked up last of baby stuff for $2-3 per 3 piece outfit.

But the crowning achievement was the MFIL tote that I will be sporting this fall...

I have been wanting a MFIL - this was not my first pick, but it was a good price. I will keep searching for the perfect deal on an I must see how much damage was done to the old credit cards!