Friday, July 14, 2006

Addictions....the 'Bucks

I am now ready to admit my addiction to Starbuck's coffee. It's not the caffeine - really its's the earthy bold taste of a nice hot cup o joe or the jolt of a 5 shot Decaf Americano - hot or iced! YUM YUM. My addiction is costly though, I usually stick to iced or hot "regular" coffees - it can cost $2-4 a day. I "Proudly Brew Starbucks coffee" at home. I like Caribou Coffee too! They have a really yummy mocha - very carby - so its a "treat" I go to take a quick work break for my 3rd - yes 3RD cup of the day.

Yes - its decaf. I only have 1 caffeine beverage a day otherwise the baby would be bouncing off the ceiling!

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