Thursday, July 27, 2006

Baby update and TIME....

A was 11lbs 4 ounces, 25 inches long at his 4 month well baby. Shots did not go very well - poor baby. They made me HOLD HIM! OMG - that did not go well for mommy!

As A hits 4 months - I look around at the wreck that is our home. I have trouble keeping up with brushing my teeth -let alone clean. Well, first - I hate to clean. My mom has OCD and used to vacuum like 3 times a day. I vowed never to be that person. On the other hand - while not "dirty" (read- unhealthy and bacteria ridden) our home is cluttered.

We are pack-rats and probably will continue to be. We have decent stuff, just too much of it for the little townhome. We decluttered a lot before A was born - but being early- we never finished and then he came. I am trying to find ways to spend time with him (#1 in my book) and get the house in some kind of order. We spent like 4 hrs Sunday working - OK I spent 3 since I napped with A for an hr. Daddy was folding laundry with A in the Bjorn- TOO CUTE!!!!

I need to get my mail sorting back in order and go through my closets again. We also need to clean our storage unit so the space is better used. I WONT EVEN MENTION THE GARAGE - its was clean but every time my parents visit they somehow manage to "straighten" up and we can't even move in there now. Maybe we can get Uncle B and Taid over one Sunday to help in the garage. House is looking better - since M is in a better mood - I suspect the house will get into shape very very soon!

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Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Poor A and those horrible shots. First few times made Spider come with us so he can hold Aviva.

Wish I had answers about organizing, when I find them will let you know.