Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tired of being pregnant - 32 wks.

Well I am tired of being pregnant and I am tired of all the drama that comes with it. There is some "shower" drama. At this point, I don't even want a shower.

Although not sure what choice I will make about delivery (natural or C-section), I am sure that either way - I want no family there. In fact, some people will be lucky if they are even told I am labor. If it is a C-section, only hubby can be there anyway. At this point, I not sure I even want people to be in the lobby.

Seems my parents activities are more important than their grandchild - that's fine - at this point, they can come or not come.

I am to the point of just doing everything else myself. I am not sure I ever want to go through this again.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Peek at "Reggie"

Today we tried the 4-D imaging again. We went last week and had a very disappointing visit - he was breech and his face was plastered in the placenta. I was upset, but we decided to try one more time. For the first 10 mins - he was not cooperating. He had moved from breech- but was not showing his face. I started talking about the Britney Spears "stupid human tricks" with the baby in her lap. The sound of mommy's voice must have worked, because he started to turn and give it up. We never had trouble telling if he was a boy, because he was never ashamed to show the twigs and berries (well just twig)...but that face has been allusive.

Well- here is our "Reggie" to the right!