Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Whirlwind Weekend

Being a WOTH (work outside the home) mom has its very rough weeks. Last week seemed to drag on forever. Little Man is working on numeral writing. He did well in Pre-K , but he traced - now he has to do them on his own. He is actually really good at math - he adds very well for his age and gets subtraction - but actually writing the letters is another game.

We are struggling with this whole mommy teaching me to do things and me having to do them to her expectations - so maybe I need to take a chill pill. He is hard on himself, just a mirror image of me at that age, but I did have more focus. We will get through it though.

Saturday was a whirlwind - we got up early - the grandparents took Miss M to her baby gym class where another baby was taught the blow kisses after they say M do it last week :) Highest form of flattery! We took Little Man to his first karate belt trials - he was a little wiggly at first, but once he broke a board with his foot - he suddenly stood taller. He did a great job and is now a gold belt! He couldn't wait to get to karate yesterday so he could he could wear his new belt and be an example to the other white belts.

We also went to a birthday party at a local nature center. The family and their friends are wonderful, so we are reaching out to be more "social." It's funny when you marry someone who is not a social butterfly, you tend to draw back too - not that its bad - it’s just not the way I used to be. The interesting thing was the group leader - this lady obviously didn't have her coffee. She was so grabby, grousing at the kids. Little Man got the brunt of it - when he asked to touch a frog. She said "What did I say to you, just wait." and "I said I didn't have a frog, I only have a toad.”. She also expected a group of 5 and younger to know what metamorphosis was by saying "I know you this." Hey lady - they don't! The best though was when she explained how to tell a male turtle from a female - and the reason the male had a dent in his shell was so he wouldn't fall off the female when fertilizing her eggs - and proceeded to our the male shell on a fake female turtle...creepy!

Lastly, we took some afternoon naps as we were all tired - and headed off to a local county fair. The smells of concession row were drawing us - I have never seen so many concessions at the fair and they were mostly locals and the food was decently priced. Of course Little Man rode the rides and and spent gobs of ours and the grandparents money winning cheap stuffed animals - but he has a blast. Miss M got to play the duck pond game and got herself a little Clifford and she rode one ride with daddy and her brother. A great fair - and we will be back next year! One of the best in the area we have been to (we avoid our own county fair).

Then on Sunday, after church - we went to pick apples. It was muddy, a long walk and the trees had been stripped - we were able to get some to bring home though - but everyone was crabby. We now have 20 lbs. of apples in the foyer….I don’t make pies – but I do make a nice low –carb crisp.

The kids and I basically passed out Sunday night from exhaustion – of course we were up at 5 a.m. Monday to start the week over again.

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