Thursday, November 02, 2006

Poor Poor Me

Just as I thought - 9 vials of blood later - the doc tells me - test results are normal. So now I get to wait until I am in a flare-up, NOT take anything and come back so she can 1) see the rash/joints and 2) run MORE BLOODWORK!

Can I just say that I am sick of this? I know there are people who suffer with years with illness they can't name/find - well its been a year and I have had intermittent flare-ups for the last 6 months. Some nights I can't sleep and some days, it hurts to just breathe. I just want to find out what this is, so I can move on with my life.

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Janney said...

Did you ever get the rash diagnosed? It sounds like Uricarial Vasculitis (hive) which is common with people who have arthritus or Lupus. I was diagnosed with it and perscribed Dapsone and Colchicine by my dermatologist. Prednesone had little affect. I hope you are better now.