Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Antibiotics are EVIL!

Well the last few weeks have been a living hell! First, I get a very serious sinus infection. I spent about 5 days with a fever going from 100 to 102.7 off and on. I ended up in the ER at 3:45 a.m. when my temp went over 103. I was told that it’s just a sinus infection, so take the antibiotics. We got some other potentially bad news on Tuesday, November 8th that caused me a lot of stress. Well on Wednesday, I started getting little red hives on my chest. I figured it was stress and I had gotten really warm.

On Thursday, November 10th – more stressful news about our office eventually moving to Nova – that’s when I noticed the red blotches had moved on to my arms. Come Friday – I had red hives on my back, chest, arms, one leg and my stomach. My back and arm itched like there was no tomorrow. I also noticed that my left shoulder really hurt. Figuring I had slept on it funny – I did not think anything of it.

Come Saturday – I had more hives and my other leg had broken out. I was taking Benedryl every 4 hours, oatmeal baths and was covered in every cream that we could find at the drugstore. The ones on my arms and chest started to not be so raised and itchy. My back was still bothering me and my other shoulder now hurt. Well I finally make it Sunday and that’s when all hell broke lose. The places that had started to heal now got little raised bumps that itched like crazy. All my joints started to hurt and swell. Marc got me wrist braces, since my wrists were really swollen. I was thinking I had LUPUS or an RA attack – of which I don’t think I have either – I was grasping at straws. I was about to have a nervous breakdown. I could not sleep, eat, or get any relief. I think I prayed for God to take me home a few times. I was running DH crazy as well, since nothing seemed to help.

Finally about 4 am on Monday morning – a baking soda pack, Claritin-D and Benedryl allowed me to get about 3 hours sleep. My joints were even more sore – now even my toes hurt. I went to the Dr. yesterday about 2:30 – to find out – I was ALLERGIC TO THE ANTIBIOTIC that I was given for the sinus infection. I had taken this kind before with no reaction – but low and behold – I now have an allergy. I am experiencing an auto-immune reaction. This means my immune system is attacking my joints to rid itself of the “invader” – I feel like I am 95. I am on steroids, but it will take a few days to start to work. I actually slept for a 4 hrs straight last night – which is something I had not done in well over a week.

I am still very sore and can barely move. My throat is so sore, I can barely swallow – but I am just happy to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Heather said...

Yikes! Man, have you been through A LOT! Hope things are better now!!!