Wednesday, August 30, 2006

30 in 30

I started low carb back in June 2004,when I was told I had PCOS - and by that December I had dropped 65lbs! I felt great. I had a medical/emotional issue in Nov/Dec 04 - that was very hard for me to get over (still struggling), I got laid off Jan 05, took a bad job Feb 05-July 05 and then got pregnant.

Needless to say, I have put on about 20 of those lost pounds and had gotten away from the lo-carb lifestyle. I still limit my sugar, but I have become more free with the "treats".

So when I get back from vacation on September 11 - I am going to start the 30lbs in 30 weeks challenge offered by LivinLaVidaLoCarb. I am already stocking the house with some lo-carb favorites like Beef Jerky and Pork Rinds. I tend to stick closer to South Beach, you get more carbs, fruit and less fat than Atkins. I hope to start CURVES back up as well.

I am going to break out my ole cookbooks and can't wait to try Shirataki noodles. I don't plan on posting my weights - but I will share the lbs lost or gained!


Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

What a great idea...I have to get back on track too!!!

Cannot wait to meet you!


CarbAttack said...

Let me know how you like those Shirataki noodles. I've been hearing a great deal about them!

Good luck!

Hike2Health said...

Hi there! Have a good vacation and we'll look forward to hearing from you when you get back.

Xavier Alexander said...

good luck to you! And still be proud that you didn't gain back all that you had lost previously. Most lose and then put even more back on. On the carb issue, i hear you, they are hard to avoid. Just try avoiding them at dinner, that's when they are at their worst...they just sit there all night least during the day you have a shot of burning them off.